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Different Bug Priorities

Melvin Dichoso
March 1, 20161 min read

What follows are the different bug priorities and how the bugs in the known issues page are classified into the different priorities.


“Critical” bugs are the most prioritized bugs to be fixed. This includes bugs that cause crashes, loss of data, and severe memory leaks involving key processes, components, and use cases.


“Major” bugs constitute the second priority level. Major bugs are those that lead to a severe loss of functionality or erroneous behavior that affect a sizable amount of users.


“Normal” bugs are those that cause a loss of function which may or may not affect the regular use of the software. These bugs are to be done as soon as possible in relation to pending Critical or Major issues.


“Minor” bugs are those that lead to a negligible loss of function or other problems where an easy workaround is present.


“Trivial” bugs are those that are cosmetic in nature such as misspelled words, misaligned text, or cropped user interface.

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