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Be real: Why streamers should embrace authenticity

Akemi Trinindad
February 17, 20204 mins read

Streamers, they’re all over the place these days. But what sets them apart from other content creators who do gaming and other streaming content on the internet?

Let’s have a real talk about people on the internet these days. Some people, for the sake of individuality and instant popularity, will create an alternate persona.

A persona that is likely to be more relatable and fun – to gain more attention and fame. Take for example, content creators who openly admit that the character they portray on their videos and social media can be a far cry from the real person when the cameras are off. This character they have created can be a polar opposite of who they are, but for the sake of being a likable person, this persona has been created to garner the attention of the viewers and be as relatable as possible – the perfect personality that’s likely to shoot into popularity the fastest. This does not only apply to Instagram influencers and VOD content creators, but it can also be everywhere. The streaming community cannot be spared.

Characterization is all over the internet, you’re not sure whether the person on their social media is the real person instead of a perfect persona created for the likes and fame. Here is where authenticity can be key to differentiate you from the rest of the current internet personas out there.

You are unique

There is no other person like you, not even twins are the same. Do you agree? What makes you – you – makes you different. How is that a plus? 

Conformity to what society dictates can be a bane for our creative existence. It simply places us in a box where it compartmentalizes who we are as human beings. You can be one thing in this life and if it doesn’t fit it any of the things that society has listed – then you’re weird or different. Back in the day, being different is often seen as being a social deviant. 

These days, being different is highly celebrated. Some find it fun and entertaining, the person is seemingly living the best life he/she has. But is it all real? That’s the million-dollar question, right?

Authenticity, what?

Being an authentic person, what does it mean and how difficult can it be to become my best authentic self?

Be yourself.

But how can we identify our real selves in this world of internet personas and characterizations – we start with ourselves. Yes, simply put look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself – who am I? What makes me, me?

We constantly look up to famous streamers and gamers for inspiration but haven’t you looked into yourself and see that what makes you yourself is something that can be deemed interesting.

Some people might say:…but I’m not that interesting, why would people be interested in me?”

Let’s go back to the idea, no two people are alike and twins are different

You can be doing one thing but how you do it makes the difference and no two persons have the same outlook, it can be similar but be totally different at the same time.

Social media perfection

What is authenticity in the world of social media perfection and almost everything can be professionally staged? How do we even know if someone is being authentic and real online? There are a lot of people who staged a personality or character to portray for their audiences. It can be a procured personality based on the perceived persona that the audience reflects on the content creator that’s not necessarily the real person.

We often question if something is even real in this digital age where things aren’t always what they seem. Photos and videos can be faked, edited and perfected in a certain way. People can be replaced by AI (and even clones! In the near future, the existence of one’s true self is about to go extinct. Just to get the most likes and comments on socials.

The reality is that authenticity in social media is dying. Being real is a dying trend since it doesn’t get you as many likes or hearts – perfection and being ideal is what gives you attention unwanted or otherwise.

Streamers being authentic

In an era of live broadcast, most say that they watch the stream not for the game or content streamed – but because of the person doing the streaming. 

People amass a huge following out of their personality, how they talk and carry themselves online. If you think you’re boring, then think again. No two people are alike, remember? So, you might be doing normal things but in your own way – that makes it all different. Your reactions and comments, opinions and suggestions are all different because your experiences and endeavors shaped you to become the person who you are today. You possess a story that only you can tell, you have a path that only you walked through and paved. 

Don’t burn yourself out

Nobody can have a perfect and consistent personality online, especially when it’s necessarily staged. Some people say that they get content burnout because they cannot churn out content that the audience might like. Having a perceived character also does the same thing, it gets tiring to be a person who you want people to see you as. Being yourself and having fun streaming out there is priceless – it takes the burnout off your chest and you get to genuinely enjoy what you are doing. Don’t make it a task and make it your own experience. 

We hope that it some way we made our point across, you don’t need to be anybody but yourself when you’re streaming or creating content out there. Being you is the best characterization that you can portray and we’re here to support it!

Akemi Trinindad

Social Media Specialist. She's mainly on Instagram @akemi_loves - loves food, travel and sometimes photography.More from this Author