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AVerMedia Capture HD C985 (Live Gamer HD)

Melvin DichosoMelvin DichosoJanuary 26, 20163 mins read

Resources (required)

Update: AVerMedia H264 encoding support is available to all licensed users including both Personal and Premium users.

Use as capture filter

Select File – > Add camera… -> “Avermedia Capture HD C985 Bus [X]” will add capture source to the XSplit stage.

XSplit Broadcaster Avermedia Capture HD C985 Bus

The capture will attain the default resolution of the capture source and will be scaled in D3D as needed on the XSplit stage.

Audio Input source is default HDMI. If line in audio is used crossbar settings must be changed.  Right click on source -> “Configure” -> Crossbar

Except in the above case , there should never be a need to change or handle any settings directly form filter dialogs (but these are still available via Source Properties dialog (Right click on source -> “Configure”)

All camera sources in XSplit are “Global” this means that the same source can be added multiple times and different effect added to each. When a C985 source exists in one scene and a new copy is added to the same scene or another, this will not affect the running capture graph. Any DS settings made for one of the duplicate source will affect all.

When multiple duplicates are added each can be removed with no effect on others. Only when the last duplicate is removed will this stop graph and remove the internal reference.

AVerMedia Capture HD C985 only supports either capture or encoding. If capture filter is added to stage while encoding is ongoing, the capture source will show “Camera is not available”. Once encoding is stopped capture filter will be shown properly again.

If you have multiple C985 cards, then it is possible to capture with one card and then XSplit will automatically use the other card for encoding.

Use as encoder

Each broadcast plugin will have the option to select codec. X264 is default and the only option if no C985 is installed.

If card is attached and enabled, an option to select “AVerMedia H.264 Encoder” should appear on the plugin’s “Codec” select field.

XSplit Broadcaster Local Recording

If “AVerMedia H.264 Encoder” is selected, bitrate, resolution, and frame rate follows these rules

  • Supported bitrate value is from 1000-15000kbps.
  • Supported resolutions and max FPS are as follows:
    • 576×360** 60fps
    • 640×360** 60fps
    • 640×480 60fps
    • 720×480 60fps
    • 720×576 50fps
    • 768×480 60fps
    • 800×600** 60fps
    • 848×480 60fps
    • 1024×768 60fps
    • 1280×720 60fps
    • 1280×768 60fps
    • 1280×800 60fps
    • 1280×1024 30fps
    • 1360×768 50fps
    • 1440×900** 30fps
    • 1680×1050** 30fps
    •  1920×1080** 30fps

**For these resolutions, actual output file height is padded to the closest value divisible by 16. For example 800×600 -> 800×608, padding will appear as black pixels at the bottom of the video.

  • Bitrate restriction is applied when editing the channel settings, so channel can only be saved if bitrate value falls within the supported range
  • Resolution restriction can also be seen in the channel settings, only the supported resolutions are listed under the channel’s “Resolution” field. Channel’s “Resolution” field normally contains all items found in the View à Resolution menu

When encoding is started…

If channel is set to use “Default Stage Resolution” and the current stage resolution is not among the supported resolutions list, the lowest supported resolution which can contain the current stage resolution will be used. If nothing can contain the current stage resolution, the highest supported resolution will be used.

If the final resolution to be used for encoding is not the same size as the current stage resolution, whether “Default Stage Resolution” is selected in channel settings or not, a notice box will appear

If the current stage frame rate (View >> Frame rate) is higher than the max FPS allowed for the final resolution to be used for encoding, the max FPS will be used. No notice about FPS adjustment will be shown

If card was not detected (removed or disabled), default codec will be used (no prompt or notice to the user)

If card was detected but encoder fails to initialize…

  • …if the capture filter is detected on any scene, a message box will prompt the user if he restart the stream using the default codec.

Default prompt text:  AVerMedia H.264 Encoder does not support encoding while AVerMedia Capture HD C985 capture source is used in any scenes. Would you like to switch to the default x264 codec?

  • …if the capture filter is not detected on any scene a notice box will appear informing the user to ensure that encoder is available and capture filter is not added on any scene

Sample notice text: Your Local Recording stream was terminated. Ensure that AVerMedia Capture HD C985 capture or encoder functions are not used by another application.

  • …if the encoder is already being used by any broadcast channel, a notice will appear

Sample notice text: Your Local Recording stream was terminated. AVerMedia H.264 Encoder is already being used for streaming in your Custom RTMP channel.

Note that if you have multiple AVerMedia Capture HD C985 cards, then encoder will use any of available card for encoding, so encoding will still succeed even if some cards were disabled or some cards were being used for capturing.

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