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Arthur Arends, Our Newest Community Manager

Melvin Dichoso
February 29, 20162 mins read

We started off with UK, then Latin America (specifically Brazil), then Korea and Australia, and now Japan! Yes, we are taking community management seriously and we want to cater not just to English-speaking countries but also to countries that use our products a lot but don’t speak English too well.

Without further ado, let’s all welcome Arthur Arends, our Japanese community manager.

Arthur Arends aka ‘Hightension Gaijin’ (‘HighGai’ in short)

Arthur Arends XSplitArthur has extensive experience with translations and gaming, both of which crucial to what we were looking for in the position. He worked as a product coordinator with GungHo Online Entertainment America and also had experience traveling and attending various events and trade shows.

He speaks English very well as he’s been residing in the US for about 8 years already. Of course, he’s still a true blue Japanese evidenced by his Twitter and Twitch channels.

Get to know more about him in our mini interview below

Tell us what you’ve been doing prior to joining the XSplit team

Arthur: Before joining the XSplit Team, I was working for GungHo Online Entertainment America as a product coordinator. Before that I was a freelance translator/reporter and travel around various events.

How do you feel about becoming a part of the XSplit Team?

Arthur: I am very honored to be part of the XSplit Team. I started streaming 5 years ago and used various streaming programs, but when I started using XSplit, I loved it and kept on using it! I know there are many Japanese streamers who uses XSplit, and I am excited to get there feedback and grow the Japanese XSplit community.

What do you think is the most interesting part about the video production and streaming community?

Arthur: The visualization of their creativity. I love to come up with interesting concepts of streaming/video and being able to visualize them to show it to the world. I also love to see every individual’s product because they are always different. I remember when I was a child, I used to use draw on my notebook to come with an epic story, or use my father’s video camera to make a short skit. Now we live in a age where we can stream live feed to everyone around the world. 

What do you think you can bring to the table (in terms of reaching out to Japanese community)?

Arthur: I been streaming for quite some times now. I started streaming on NicoNico and now I stream on Twitch as well. I learned from reading Japanese forums about XSplit, and are fond with the Japanese streaming community as well. Especially now, streaming and content creation’s popularity is growing rapidly, and more people are wanting to get in this industry. However there are a lot of people who doesn’t know where to start. I would love to use my experience to guide people to start their own stream/videos.

Here are some videos that showcase Arthur’s work in the past. Enjoy (even if you don’t understand Japanese)!

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