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6 Indie Games to Live Stream in 2019

Chad Ramos
October 10, 20194 mins read

There are a ton of great talents in the independent scene, in which most of these games are passion projects by these developers, meaning you know they made these games with love. Though they lack the budget and manpower that from triple-A companies, that still doesn’t stop them from making their projects a reality, and in some cases, they produce games that are outside of the usual tropes that we found in mainstream games, giving it more of bizarre and unorthodox gaming experience.

Now with 2019 almost draws to its closure, we listed out six of the indie games that are worthy to play for your live stream sessions, whether being one of the most anticipated titles or it just being a wacky game. Streaming these games will give you a ton of fun.


If you are a fan of turn-based strategy games and pixel art, then you should give Wargroove a try. A homage to the classic Advance Wars series from Nintendo, Wargroove puts you in the role of a commander and can choose from the four different factions, each having unique units that are tied to the faction’s theme. You can get to choose twelve different commanders that showcase their distinct personalities and traits that will give an advantage to your army. This is a great game to stream if you want to show off your neat strategic plays or you just want something that can encourage your viewers to interact with you in making the best approach in a specific map.

Untitled Goose Game

Part puzzle game, part stealth game, pure hilarity. As the title suggests, you play as a goose and your goal is to just, make a lot of mess to the inhabitants of the town. Grab objects, startle people or just scare children as you complete objectives at each level. Completing certain tasks may require being undetected to avoid being detected by your victims, and in some cases, you may require to trigger a series of events just to complete a specific objective. This is a fun game if you are just looking for something that just lets you do crazy things if you just want to stick to one certain level, a great choice to do a live stream and let them laugh with you on the hilarious antics that you would do in the game.

My Friend Pedro

A side-scrolling shooter that lets you kill enemies in style. If you’ve played the old Flash games when you were a kid a few years back, My Friend Pedro’s gameplay will surely remind you of those old games. Shoot down the enemies while dodging their bullets and slowing downtime which could remind you more of the classic Max Payne games, it also includes parkour elements where you can do flips, wall jumps and other acrobatic moves that can help stack up more points. The game lets you be more creative in clearing each level, which adds up the replayability value. If you are the certain fellow who loves to show off with their best kill shot in clearing a level or perhaps doing a hardcore approach by beating the game in the hardest difficulty in one sitting without getting killed, this would be your go-to game especially in streaming, and watch your audience go wow on your playthrough.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

If you are into exploring castles in old-school side-scrolling style, then this game is for you. From the same man who popularized the Metroidvania gameplay in the modern Castlevania games, Koji Igarashi launched Bloodstained as its spiritual successor to the classic Symphony of the Night. As Miriam, you hack and slash your way against the undead and demons as you explore the labyrinth for hidden secrets and unravel the mysteries in the story. With a blend of RPG elements, you can also equip different sets of armors and shards that can unleash different types of attacks. Fans of speedrunning challenges can stream this game as watching these kinds of videos can be quite entertaining, from completing the game within the fastest time or discovering new secrets, making your audience surprised with your tricks in speedrunning.


If you are into open-world exploration, crafting, and farming, but more of a simplified presentation, you should try out Forager. A 2D open-world game that takes inspiration from other indie games such as Terraria and Stardew Valley and some mechanics from idle management games. You get to explore regions and forage for minerals, food and other resources so that you can expand your land, there are different playing styles that you can focus on, from being an adventurer to a builder or even a merchant. Doing live streams on open-world or even sandbox games can be an engaging experience for your viewers, as they can watch your journey in building up your progression.

Risk of Rain 2

Jumping from 2D games, we’ll be heading to 3D games with Risk of Rain, which coincidentally also jumped from 2D to 3D for its second game. This roguelike multiplayer game lets you play it solo, group up for a four-man team as you fight your way through monsters to find ways in escaping the planet. You will be able to loot for powerful gear to increase your survival. Every new playthrough will be randomized, making it more challenging and increases its replayability. When doing live streams for the game, it’s a great opportunity to tag along with other streamers on your multiplayer session that can help build their respective audiences and have a continuous collaboration.

I hope you will enjoy these games, as these will definitely give you a lot of a great time for your streaming sessions. And to have a better gaming live stream quality, you can try out XSplit’s Gamecaster that has all the essentials you need to start your live stream career. It allows for capturing in-game footage, chroma key support, in-game Twitch integration and express video editor that will give you a professional-looking live stream in one application. You can start downloading Gamecaster by heading to this link

Chad Ramos

Chad has been an avid gamer since childhood, and up to now, his passion for gaming remains the same. He continues to work with several game publishers and esports organizations while still getting involved with the local gaming communities. Chad is also the founder of the gaming and geek website The Reimaru Files.More from this Author