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How do I setup my audio?

To configure audio in XSplit Broadcaster, go to Tools > General Settings and click on the audio tab. There will be a variety of options in this menu, but a majority of these are for advanced users and will be covered in other sections in the FAQ.


There are two audio sources that need to be set, System Sound and Microphone. System Sound can be set to any Windows playback device, such as speakers, headphones, etc. It is recommended to set this to the “default playback device” as many ensure you capture audio like game sound, audio from websites, and others that only playback through the default playback device.

Microphone can be set to any Windows recording device such as headset microphones, USB microphone, and digital audio interfaces. It is recommended to set your Microphone device to a specific microphone as the default device can easily change when devices are unplugged.

Once you have selected your system sound and microphone devices click ok. On the main XSplit Broadcaster window, you will see a microphone and speaker symbol. If you click on the bars next to these symbols you can adjust the audio levels and you can click on the symbols to quickly mute the audio. If audio is coming through properly, you can see a pink meter below the microphone and speaker audio symbols that gives an indication of the volume level.