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XSplit is developed by SplitmediaLabs, an innovative Hong Kong based software development company, made up of talented, passionate and dedicated individuals specializing in the creation of multimedia applications and technology.


  • XSplit Broadcaster

    XSplit Broadcaster是一款简单而功能强大的实时流媒体和录制软件,是生产和交付丰富视频内容的理想解决方案。

  • XSplit Gamecaster

    The easiest way to start streaming or recording your PC or Console games.

  • XSplit VCam

    XSplit VCam可以在任何网络摄像头上进行前沿背景去除和模糊,无需昂贵的绿色屏幕和复杂的照明设置。

  • XSplit 高速视频编辑器

    Quickly edit recordings using the Express Video Editor, a simple and straightforward way to cut, stitch and export videos with no rendering required.