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XSplit 转销商计划

XSplit 转销商计划是为有兴趣通过自家的第三方渠道提供XSplit 高级产品的公司所设计的。

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XSplit VCam

通过XSplit VCam, 可以轻松使用任何网络摄像头来移除,替换或是模糊您的视频背景,无需任何绿色背景!让您的下一个线上会议看起来很炫,无论在哪里。

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XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster 通过您的摄像头,游戏,或是任何在电脑桌面上运行的软件,让您轻易的制造出美丽的现场直播图像。 轻轻松松的把您的网络研讨会,简报或是线上游戏直播到Youtube,Facebook,Twitch等等。


Organizations applying to become an XSplit reseller are required to have been in operation for a reasonable period and should be willing to actively promote the XSplit brand as part of their business.

The organization must maintain a high-quality customer experience, and be willing to comply with XSplit’s branding requirements.

To apply, simply contact us by clicking the button below, which will then be reviewed by our team on a case-by-case basis.