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How an Overlay Makes or Breaks Your Stream

日期发布于: 发表于15 8月 2018 2018年8月15日

In today’s world of streaming, you’ve likely seen everything when it comes to stream overlays -  from those who prefer the very minimal look to those who like to surround every bit of their streaming window with information. You know who you are.

An overlay can make, or break, your stream in a number of ways. Let’s begin with how it might break your streams.

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XSplit 3.4 UI Improvements, Enhanced Facebook Support and More

日期发布于: 发表于10 7月 2018 2018年7月10日

XSplit 3.4 is now live and available for download, featuring an improved overall experience that makes streaming easier than ever before.In this release we have focused on UI and usability improvements, along with several improvements targeted at Facebook users.

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XSplit 和 EVO 2017

日期发布于: 发表于10 7月 2017 2017年7月10日

这个夏天(有的地方冬天), 年中和荣耀的时刻. 是的, 再次是2017年的进化格斗游戏锦标赛, 在美国内华达州拉斯维加斯举行. 在曼德勒湾7月14日至16日的整个周末, 所有格斗游戏的人才将激烈战斗, 以t突出重围到光荣的曼德勒湾舞台的最后决战舞台.

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