Facebook Live

Live streaming and social media combine forces with Facebook Live. This broadcast output lets you stream live video posts to your personal Facebook profile and public pages that you manage.

Note: Streaming to your Facebook group and event pages will have to be set up differently using the Custom RTMP broadcast output. Click HERE to learn more.

Setting up the Facebook Live streaming output

  1. Go to Broadcast > Set up a new output, then click Facebook Live. The Facebook Live Properties window will be shown.

  2. Click Authorize and sign in with your Facebook account that you want to stream to.

  3. Click Continue and approve any permissions XSplit is requesting, then click Done.
  4. The Facebook Live Properties window will be shown if you wish to customize your stream settings. Clicking on Advanced Settings will open XSplit’s original broadcast properties window. You can revert it back to Facebook Live’s unique broadcast properties by selecting Easy Setup.

    (You can always revisit these settings by right-clicking your Facebook Live profile in your Broadcast list, or by clicking on the icon next to it.)

  5. Click Save & Close to save the settings.

Note: Facebook Live currently allows video in maximum 720p (1280 x 720) resolution at 30 fps. You will also be limited to streaming for 4 hours except when using Continuous Live (see below).

Starting a Facebook Live broadcast

  1. Go to Broadcast and click the Facebook Live profile you have set.
  2. You will be prompted to input your livestream details.

Facebook Live Broadcast Details

Live Video
Choose whether to go live with a New Video, select an existing Scheduled Video or resume a Continuous Live Video.

Sets a title for the video. Must be less than 255 characters.

Add text that will appear on the Facebook post for your stream.

Content Tags
Adds content tags that will make your video more discoverable. They are not visible to the public.

Video Game
Tag the title of the video game you are playing on stream for Facebook Gaming. You may leave this field empty if you are not streaming a video game.

Location Check In
Adds the location where you are streaming from.

Choose whether your live stream is visible to the public, your friends only or only yourself. This option is only available when posting to your own timeline.

Select whether to your location or other country/region where your live video is available for viewing. This option is only available when posting to your own timeline.

Manage scheduled live videos
See below for more information about Scheduled Live Videos.

Start broadcast
Click to start broadcasting live on Facebook.

Facebook Live Stream Properties

Your Facebook username, click the Authorize button to register the detail.

Post On
Choose whether to post your live video on your profile timeline or a page you manage.

Post As
Choose to which page you are posting to if you've selected A page you manage.

Manage scheduled live videos
See below for more information about Scheduled Live Videos.

Scheduled Live Post

A scheduled livestream post for Facebook Live can be used to generate anticipation and hype for your audience or for testing recurring programmed content.

Creating a Scheduled Live Post

  1. On your Facebook Live Properties window of Facebook Live stream details, click Manage scheduled live videos.

  2. Fill in the stream details, then click Add Schedule.

  3. Select your Scheduled Start date and time. This must be scheduled between 10 minutes and 7 days (163 hours) from when you create the post.

  4. Optionally add a Custom Image which will appear on your Facebook post. If you do not add a custom image, your profile picture will be used instead.
  5. Click Create Scheduled Live to finish and you will be prompted that you have successfully created a new scheduled live post.

    You will find a post on your Facebook page announcing the scheduled livestream and you will be able to select it from your stream details when you start livestreaming.

    Deleting the scheduled live post on Broadcast Details window will also remove the post on your Facebook profile or on a page you manage.