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XSplit Resellers Program

The XSplit Reseller program is designed for companies interested in offering XSplit Premium products through their own 3rd party channels.

XSplit VCamロゴ


XSplit VCamを使用すればグリーンバック無しで背景を削除、入れ替え、そしてぼかしを入れる事が出来ます!次の会議の時は自宅からでもスマートに見せる事が出来ます。

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XSplit Broadcaster makes it easy to create beautiful live stream presentations utilizing your webcam, your games or whatever you have running on your desktop! Easily live stream your webinar, presentation or gameplay to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more.

Who Can Apply To Become an XSplit Reseller?

Organizations applying to become an XSplit reseller are required to have been in operation for a reasonable period and should be willing to actively promote the XSplit brand as part of their business.

The organization must maintain a high-quality customer experience, and be willing to comply with XSplit’s branding requirements.

To apply, simply contact us by clicking the button below, which will then be reviewed by our team on a case-by-case basis.