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Unlock professional production features with XSplit Broadcaster.

  • シーン無制限

    Add additional scenes to your project for enhanced customization

  • プロジェクターモード

    Make your stream visible on additional screens connected to your PC

  • Skype ビデオカメラ

    Add Skype Video Calls as a source to your broadcast presentation

  • オーディオソース

    Easily bring more audio devices into the mix with audio sources

  • プレビューエディタ

    Easily edit your next scene ahead of pushing live

  • ローカルストリーミング

    Stream across a local network for internal viewing

  • Multistreaming

    Broadcast to multiple services simultaneously

  • 放送の遅延

    Add delay to your outgoing broadcast

What people are saying

In 2016, I started as a streamer using only what I had researched online. I found XSplit & it has been nothing but easy, user friendly & simple to use while giving me the output I need in custom scenes and power. From novice to pro users, it's a streamers dream.



I've been using XSplit for over 2 years due to its ease of use, constant updates, and incredibly friendly support staff!



XSplit Broadcaster's interface is fantastic and its ease of use makes it a great streaming solution for both newcomers and veterans alike.