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The XSplit Broadcaster Public Test Release is a great way to try out new and experimental features ahead of going out to the rest of the public. Please note that these features are experimental and are not representative of final release, users are advised to check the FAQ before downloading.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future versions of XSplit, suggest them here! Visit Support for FAQ
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Latest PTR:
  • 更多音频设备 - 除麦克风和系统声音外,还包括其他音频设备。
  • 黑暗主题 - 用户界面上有一点点色彩,包括一个全新的深色主题。
  • NVIDIA降噪 - 借助用于RTX GPU的NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK,您可以将其噪声消除直接应用于您的麦克风设备。
  • 虚拟相机场景选择 - 现在,您可以指定要输出到虚拟摄像机的场景。
  • 对Elgato的HDR 10位输入支持 - 增加了对10位HDR输入的支持,该输入已转换为8位。
请记住, PTR版本是单独安装的, 因此不会影响您的xsplit 安装。