XSplit Broadcaster PTR

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XSplit Broadcaster公测版是在正式发布前测试新的和尝试性功能的一个很好的途径。请注意这些功能是试验性的,并不代表最终发布,用户在下载前建议查看FAQ。

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  • 更新版UI- 我们正陆续更新此应用程序用户界面。在这初步的更新里,我们添了一个登入直播与录制的按钮,和提供调整场景和远离表的功能。
  • 音效 (DSP) - 您现在可在麦克风设置里,运用压缩,EQ,等等。
  • Multiple Recording Profiles - Set up multiple recording profiles to record multiple scenes or different encoding settings.
  • Improved Extensions - Extensions such as Macros can now run on startup without needing to manually run and additionally can also run in the background.
  • Playout Improvements - Specify which scenes you want to playout to NDI or Decklink devices with additional transparency performance options for NDI.
  • Stream Only in Audio Mixer - You can now monitor and adjust the levels of any source outputting to Stream Only.

请记住, PTR版本是单独安装的, 因此不会影响您的xsplit 安装。