YouTube Live

Go live on the biggest and #1 video sharing website. This broadcast output lets you stream to your YouTube channel. Before setting up a YouTube live broadcast, confirm that your channel is verified and that you have no live stream restriction in the last 90 days.

Enabling YouTube Live Streaming

  1. On the YouTube homepage, click on your user photo then YouTube Studio (beta).

  2. On the YouTube Studio sidebar, go to Other features > Live events.

  3. Click on Enable live streaming. Verifying your YouTube account will allow you to do a livestream to your channel.

Setting up the YouTube Live streaming output

  1. Go to Broadcast > Set up a new output, then click YouTube Live.

  2. On the YouTube Live Properties window, click Authorize and sign in with your Google account you want to stream to.

  3. Click Continue and approve any permissions XSplit is requesting, then click Done.

  4. Click OK to save your settings.

    (You can always revisit these settings by right-clicking your YouTube profile in your Broadcast list, or by clicking on the gear icon next to it.)

Starting a YouTube Live broadcast

  1. Go to Broadcast and click the YouTube account profile or output you have set.
  2. You will be prompted to provide stream details whenever you start streaming.

YouTube Live Stream Properties

Your YouTube ID, click the Authorize button to register this detail.

Broadcast Details

Live Event
Set how you want to go live whether to stream now, new live event or scheduled live.

Set a title that will appear on your livestream and archived video.

Set a description for your livestream and archived video.

Add tags to help users search for your livestream and archived video.

Set the category of your livestream for organization and target audience.

Choose whether the livestream is publicly visible, unlisted or private.

Displays the details of your scheduled live event.

Set whether the livestream is in normal, low, or ultra low-latency.

Enable DVR
Enable YouTube’s DVR feature that allows viewers to pause, rewind, and play from any point in your live event.

Use backup server
Choose to stream to the backup server in case you are experiencing issues with the default one.

Enable 360 video
Enable 360 video will allow viewers to explore your 360 video in all directions. Low-latency is not supported for 360 video.

Manual Transition
Enable Manual Transition to control the status of your broadcast from the YouTube Live Control Panel.

Scheduled Live Event

A scheduled Live Event for YouTube Live can be used to generate anticipation and hype for your audience or for testing recurring programmed content.

Creating a Scheduled Live Event
  1. On your YouTube Live Properties window of YouTube Live stream details, select New Live Event.

  2. Fill in the stream details, then click Start Broadcast.

    You can also select your Scheduled live event if you have already set a scheduled Live Event in your YouTube Live Control panel. The live event’s details will automatically appear once you have selected it.