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XSplit and Player Sponsor Melbourne Streamer Meetup

日期發佈於: 2017年2月13日
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2月17日, 澳大利亞墨爾本的Twitch直播社區將聚集良好的氛圍, 並與其他澳大利亞直播者分享他們的“技術”. 由Bradley ‘DYoshii’ Jolly獨家主持, 他的成長和發展社區的努力是非常受尊重的, 我們都會見到他, 並迎接他.

至於我們在XSplit和Player, 我們的社區經理 Kevin “Burnout” Kim will also be in attendance and will be providing some swag that he collected while visiting our XSplit and Player.Me swag dungeon. How generous of him to be sharing all the loots! Be on the lookout for one Epic item as a surprise gift to the community.也將參加, 並將提供一些很酷的東西, 他在訪問我們XSplit和Player.Me時地下城收集. 他慷慨的分享所有的戰利品! 在尋找一個史詩項目作為一個驚喜禮物給社區.

見面的地方在Pinball Paradise在213 Franklin Street, Melbourne. 那裡見!

Kevin Kim
written by KEVIN KIM

XSplit community manager for Korea and Australia. Translator for Korean. Mainly involved with the Fighting Game Community. General tech support for all XSplit products for individuals and organizations. Assistant for many stream productions involving XSplit products.

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