XSplit Broadcaster PTR

Experimente as novas funcionalidades antes do release e junte-se ao nosso Discord para dar seu feedback

O que é PTR?

O XSplit Broadcaster Public Test Release é uma ótima maneira de experimentar novos recursos antes que ele seja lançado para o resto do público. Por favor, note que estes recursos são experimentais e não são representativos da versão final, os usuários são aconselhados a verificar as FAQs antes de baixar.

Se você tiver alguma ideia ou sugestões para futuras versões do XSplit, sugira aqui here!

Visite Suporte para acessar as FAQ


Último PTR:

  • Updated UI - We’re on the road to update the user interface of the app. For the initial update, we’ve included an easy to access stream and record button and provided the ability to resize the scenes and sources list.
  • Audio Effects (DSP) - You can now apply compression, EQ and more to your microphone setup.
  • Multiple Recording Profiles - Set up multiple recording profiles to record multiple scenes or different encoding settings.
  • Improved Extensions - Extensions such as Macros can now run on startup without needing to manually run and additionally can also run in the background.
  • Playout Improvements - Specify which scenes you want to playout to NDI or Decklink devices with additional transparency performance options for NDI.
  • Stream Only in Audio Mixer - You can now monitor and adjust the levels of any source outputting to Stream Only.

Remember, PTR builds are installed separately so it won’t affect your main XSplit installation.