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Facile, rapide et GRATUIT !

Facile, rapide et GRATUIT !

XSplit Express Video Editor est la meilleur façon de modifier ses enregistrements, d’étendre la portée de votre contenu et c’est 100% gratuit.

  • La façon idéale pour créer un contenu court pour YouTube, Twitter, Reddit et plus.
  • Coupez, Perfectionnez et exportez en secondes. Pas de rendu nécessaire !
  • Importez vos enregistrements depuis OBS, Streamlabs, XSplit en un seul click !

Check out our Release Notes or read the User Manual. Now in early access.

Éditeur de Vidéos Express XSplit

Profitez de votre contenu

You don't have to divide your time and choose one platform to focus on. With our express video editing software, we want all content creators to use their existing recording content and re-purpose it in various forms and across all social channels. We've made our free video editor the simplest it can be with 0 learning curve and immediate results.

You don’t have to choose between Twitch stream and YouTube videos

What sets us apart from the rest? Time. The main reason streamers don’t maintain multiple channels is due to lack of time or willingness to learn complicated video editing software.

Lightning-fast editing and render-less upload. Just because your stream has ended doesn’t mean your content creation is done. Give your community something to chew on as they wait impatiently for your next live tomorrow!

You don’t need to hire a fancy video editor or even a thumbnail maker. Chopping up your stream only takes a few minutes and your viewers will have a fresh recap in case they missed your live stream.

From stream to meme: Viral Social Clips

Fortnite update just came out? What’s this? New game-breaking bug on Apex?? Be the first to tweet about it or post it on Reddit #karmafarming.

Using Cue Points in XSplit Broadcaster, you’ll know exactly where the highlights of your stream are and will be able to splice them together within minutes.

Our free video editing software is the tool missing from your content creation flow to gain traction across all social channels.