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How an Overlay Makes or Breaks Your Stream

日期發佈於: 發表於15 8月 2018 2018年8月15日

In today’s world of streaming, you’ve likely seen everything when it comes to stream overlays -  from those who prefer the very minimal look to those who like to surround every bit of their streaming window with information. You know who you are.

An overlay can make, or break, your stream in a number of ways. Let’s begin with how it might break your streams.

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XSplit and Player Sponsor Melbourne Streamer Meetup

日期發佈於: 發表於13 2月 2017 2017年2月13日

2月17日, 澳大利亞墨爾本的Twitch直播社區將聚集良好的氛圍, 並與其他澳大利亞直播者分享他們的“技術”. 由Bradley 'DYoshii'Jolly獨家主持, 他的成長和發展社區的努力是非常受尊重的, 我們都會見到他, 並迎接他.

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