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Background Removal and Replacement

XSplit VCam’s key feature is removing, replacing or blurring the background from your webcam feed without the need for a green screen.

Original Background

Original Background is the default selection and simply shows your webcam feed as-is.

Remove Background

Click the Remove box to instantly remove your background. This feature completely removes your background similar to having a chroma-keyed green screen.

Replace Background

Replace Background replaces your background with an image file or webpage. There are four selectable images by default. Click on an any of the available images to instantly replace your background.

Adding your own image background

There are three possible ways to add your own background replacement. Click on the + icon and select whether Browse local filesOnline Webpage, or type in the Search online… bar.

Browse local files

Select an image from your local drives as your background replacement. This image will automatically scale to your camera’s aspect ratio so it’s recommended to use an image with a size that matches it.

Online Webpage

Enter the URL of webpage to use as your background replacement and paste it under Add Online Webpage then click Add.

To find the image URL address that you like to use, right-click on an image from a webpage then select Copy Image Address.

To delete an image background replacement, hover you mouse over an image icon and click on X.

Blur Effect

Set the value to add a blur effect on your background. This effect is only available for Original and Replace background options.

Additional settings for the Filters can be changed by clicking the gear icon beside the Filter drop-down menu.
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