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Generating Graph Text for Device Sources

The Graph Text file is used by our development team to see details specific to video and audio device sources. These include devices such as your webcam, capture card, microphones, etc.

Generating the Graph Text file for XSplit Broadcaster

  1. Launch File Explorer and open the following folder: %ProgramData%\SplitmediaLabs\XSplit\logs\XBC

  2. On XSplit Broadcaster, right-click on your device source then press F12 while the Settings window is in focus.

  3. A file named after the device source will be generated in the XBC logs folder that you opened earlier.
    For example, XBCGRPHTXT_Device Name.txt.
    If the file doesn’t appear, try clicking the device source settings window to make sure it’s in focus then press F12 again until the file appears.

  4. On XSplit Broadcaster, go to Help > Upload log files.

  5. Click Copy Link when the prompt appears after the log files have been uploaded. This will allow you to paste and send the files directly unto the Support Chat box.