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XSplit Broadcaster公測發布是在正式發布前嘗試新的和實驗性的功能的好途徑.請注意,這些功能還在試驗期而不代表最終版會發布的功能,用戶在下載前,建議查看常見問題.

如果您對XSplit將來的版本有想法或建議,歡迎您到這裡提供您的意見!請前往 支持 查看常見問題
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最新 PTR:
  • HDR Game Source - Capture games that output in HDR
  • No more admin mode - Broadcaster no longer requires admin privileges to run
  • Low Power Mode - Save power and performance when video devices aren't in use
  • VST3 Support - Use VST3 effects on your main Microphone device
VST® is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, registered in Europe and other countries.

Remember, PTR builds are installed separately so it won’t affect your main XSplit Broadcaster installation.