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Text sources lets you display text with customizable colors, fonts, animation and more. You can choose to create or load your own custom script, or select from the available script templates.

Adding a Text source

  • Go to Add source and click on Text…

Text Source settings


This is where you will input the text you want to be displayed. You can also choose to use a custom script that will change how your text is displayed.

You can use the <br> tag to add line breaks for your text as well as use BBcode for formatting, color and other effects.


This is where formatting options such as the font, text style and alignment can be changed. Options for adding outlines, shadows and changing the text opacity are available as well.


This is where you can set a scrolling or fading animation to your text sources.


Direction – The direction the text will be scrolling.
Speed – The speed of the scrolling animation at pixels per second.
Line Limit – The number of lines to be displayed for vertical text scrolling.


Delimiter – Character or characters that will be used to separate the text into segments to be shown per face effect.
Interval – The length of time that a text segment will be shown before fading.
Fade speed – The length of time that the fading animation lasts.