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Multistreaming to different platforms

XSplit Broadcaster allows you to stream to multiple broadcast outputs simultaneously. This means you can stream your to sites like Facebook Live and YouTube Live at the same time without using a third part service.
Do note that streaming to more than one output uses more PC resources and internet bandwidth.

Note: This feature is only available on XSplit Broadcaster with a Premium license.

This guide will show you how to set up your outputs and start streaming to multiple outputs.

  1. Set up a new broadcast output.
    To do this, go to the Broadcast menu > select Set up a new output > the name of the output you want to stream to.
    Set up multiple outputs
    Repeat this step for each new output you want to stream to.
    Multiple outputs
    Note: If you can’t find the name of the output, select Find more outputs. To stream to an output that’s not listed on our plugin store, you can use Custom RTMP.
  2. To start multistreaming, go to the Broadcast menu and start each output one by one.
    Multiple outputs broadcasting