XSplit VCam Is Freezing

You can try disabling XSplit VCam used by another application if you are experiencing freezing issues on the app.

If it’s being used by a streaming application, like XSplit Broadcaster, click the XSplit VCam source and Remove it.

If it’s being used by a video chat application, like Skype, disable XSplit VCam with a different camera.

After you’ve disabled XSplit VCam on another application and still continues to freeze, the Technical Support staff will request a crash dump file from you to help diagnose the cause of the issue.

Creating a crash dump file

To collect XSplit VCam crash dump, you will have to open the Task Manager and look for VCam’s processes appearing as XSplitVCam.exe under the Details tab. Right-click on it and select Create dump file.

A dialogue box will appear with the location of the saved dump file. The file location can be selected, copied and pasted.

Sending the crash dump file

The created dump file will be too large to send through email or the Support chat window. We recommend compressing the dump file to a .ZIP/.RAR file then uploading it to a file-sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive then sending the share link to the support staff.