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XSplit VCam PTR

Try out new features ahead of release!
The XSplit VCam Public Test Release is a great way to try out new and experimental features ahead of going out to the rest of the public. Please note that these features are experimental and are not representative of final release.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future versions of XSplit VCam, suggest them here! Visit Support for FAQ
Latest PTR:
  • Support for webex and windows store applications - with new optional hardware driver (check option to install hardware driver if you have problems with VCam not showing up in your conference or camera software).
  • 2x improved background removal ai ;) - with option to apply adaptive filter for even better segmentation of hands, hair and objects.
  • Image and video background configuration - brightness, contrast, zoom, pan, tilt, and keep aspect ratio.
  • A bunch of fixes - Remember login credentials and settings after restart, UI scaling on monitors with different DPI, option to copy login URL if opening system browser fails, and a lot more
VCam 2.0 PTR is here! 2x Improved AI / Hardware Driver Installation / Image and Video Background Configuration