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Calibrating XSplit VCam for best performance

To get the best quality out of XSplit VCam, you’ll need to calibrate your camera. This allows the background removal AI to better detect your distinct silhouette against your surroundings in the background.

  1. Click the Menu button and select Calibrate.

  2. Select your camera from the drop-down menu, then click Continue.

  3. After hardware tests are complete, click Continue to start camera calibration. Stay in front of your camera for 15 seconds, look to the sides, raise your arms, or do what you usually do on camera. Note: We highly recommend that you keep Upload a 15s video and calibration data for improving performance enabled. This recording will only be used to improve XSplit VCam's background removal AI.

  4. Once camera calibration is done, click Continue to finish the calibration process.
    You can repeat the calibration process by clicking Redo.