Getting Started

Thank you for trying out XSplit VCam, the most powerful background replacement tool available!

VCam allows you to remove a live webcam’s background without a green screen, blur the background for enhanced focus, and give immersive presentations. VCam can then be added as a virtual camera on other compatible software such as WebEx Teams & Meetings, Skype for Desktop, XSplit Broadcaster, OBS, and more.


When launching VCam for the first time, you will be taken to the Calibration screen. Calibrating will detect your cameras and run hardware tests on your system to improve the performance of VCam.

You can repeat the calibration process next time by clicking on the menu icon then select Help > Calibrate...

Logging in

Once calibration is done you will be prompted to log in either through your XSplit account or a social login, particularly: Facebook, Twitch, Google, Twitch, and Using a social login will let you link it to an existing XSplit account, or will prompt you to create a new XSplit account.

Clicking Skip login will lead you straight to the program without logging into an account.

A watermark will be shown if you are not logged in, or if your account does not have an existing license.
To remove the watermark, click the menu icon and select Log in to an account with a license.
To purchase a license, you can click the Remove watermark button anytime.

Setting up your camera on VCam

To select a webcam source connected to your computer, click the dropdown arrow next to the Camera icon.

Once your webcam is selected, all of VCam’s features such as background removal and replacement are now available to use with your webcam source. They will be shown in VCam’s preview area.

Configuring VCam Filters

Clicking Original will keep the original background of the webcam source.

Clicking Remove will remove the background around your figure.

To apply a blur effect, use the Blur slider below the VCam preview. This feature can only be used with Original or with a replaced image background.

To add your own background, click Add Background at the bottom right corner. You can select between Media file, YouTube video, Webpage, and Unsplash photo.

VCam’s premade and custom backgrounds will be added to the background list on the right column.

Using VCam as a Virtual Camera

Now that you have your camera configured, you can add it as a video device to the software of your choice. Below you’ll find some samples on how to do this.

Adding VCam to Video Chat Software:

Adding VCam to Streaming Software:

Getting the Best Results

It’s recommended that you recalibrate after you have selected a different camera or if you have changed its position and lighting source.

You can do this by clicking the menu icon, then select Help > Calibrate...

VCam works best when there’s a clear distinction between you and the background. Here are three things to take into consideration:

  • Have sufficient lighting in the room and the subject. It’s best to be in a room that’s not too dim and there’s enough lighting so VCam can easily scan you and the background.

  • Dark areas may not work well with VCAM’s live background removal, and will cause blurring and feathering around your figure.

  • The colors between you and the background should be different from each other so VCam can differentiate you and the background and make the necessary adjustments. VCam works best with more contrast.

This video may also help with that:

You can also check the Filter Settings to configure the quality of your camera and use GPU hardware processing option. Click HERE to learn more.