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Virtual Background Software for Online Learning

Perfect for remote classes, webinars, conferences, and more. XSplit VCam uses A.I powered background removal technology to hide messy or busy backgrounds and replace them with images or videos of your choice.

XSplit VCam provides professional and fun video backgrounds for education

Works Great With

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • BlueJeans

Feel comfortable during your next video call!

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    Remove distractions of unwanted guests accidentally appearing in your background

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    Feel confident knowing your surroundings will not accidentally be revealed.

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    Have a consistent background presentation no matter where you are or what software you are using.

Used by more than

400 Non-Profit Organizations & Educational Institutions worldwide

Change backgrounds on the fly to showcase an image, video or website relevant to the class

Change your Background to Suit the Class.

  • You can use any image, website, or video as your background. VCam lets you turn what’s behind you into another teaching tool! Is your class learning about a different country? You can call in with its landmarks moving behind you! The possibilities are endless!
In the age of digital information, it's important to have the choice to protect your surroundings and personal information

Protect the Privacy of You and Your Students

  • Neither you nor your students will need to worry about their environment. With XSplit VCam, you can be anywhere and still have a professional background.
With XSplit's team license manager, you can coordinate the look of an entire institution and apply consistent branding

Uniform Backgrounds

  • With an XSplit Teams license, you can set up your entire school with XSplit VCam. Letting you decide what background your students will have helps to eliminate distractions.

3 More Reasons to Use XSplit VCam

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    Keep attention on you with Auto Framing technology

    No matter if you move during the call XSplit VCam will automatically keep you in center frame.

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    Works great with Live Streaming or Recording Software

    Easily add XSplit VCam into XSplit Broadcaster or OBS to create a high-quality presentation.

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    Use your mobile phone as your PC webcam

    The best camera is usually the one on your phone! Pair your Android or iPhone with XSplit VCam and use it as your dedicated PC webcam during your next call.

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Customer Support

Premium Support from our team of trained professionals.

Minimum Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions your fellow XSplit VCam users have been asking. If your question isn't included, have a look at our helpdesk to find all our guides, tips and more.
  • Blur, replacement and removal? How do I understand the difference and use these features?

    We're continuously making our app as simple as possible to use with only a few options making it easy to understand the changes you are making. Here is a quick overview of the core features to familiarize yourself with XSplit VCam before downloading it.
  • Does XSplit VCam only work with XSplit Broadcaster?

    No. XSplit VCam works in any and all software or conferencing apps that accept cameras as a source. This means you can use the best background removal software with the likes of OBS Studio and all streaming software. VCam also works with every video conferencing tool, simply select XSplit VCam as your camera of choice in your desired application.
  • How do I optimize XSplit VCam to get the best camera output?

    There are a few advanced settings to play around with HD options, adaptive filter & remove chair amongst a few others. You can find out more about what each setting does through this article.
  • What makes VCam better than built-in solutions?

    VCam not only has the best quality background segmentation, removal and replacement on the market but it also has a number of other benefits to the built-in solutions or competitors. It works with all software or platforms that accept a video input so you can have one setup applied across all your systems and you don't have to set each one up individually. We also have a number of great features like video backgrounds, camera pause, auto framing so you always stay in focus, optional chair and microphone detection and removal and so much more.
  • If I get VCam for my team can I select the backgrounds available to them?

    Yes, if you're a team manager you will be able to select whether your teammates can add their own backgrounds or if they only have access to pre-approved custom backgrounds added by you. You'll also be able to implement a custom watermark on their camera feeds if you want. Here are some of the settings you can manage for your team
  • Does my subscription automatically renew and charge me?

    Our subscriptions do renew automatically unless manually canceled. Should you want to cancel your subscription, we've made it easily accessible via your Dashboard but here is a step by step guide to help you cancel your subscription
  • What are my payment options?

    Our payment processing is done via Stripe which offers a wide range of payment options including all major debit and credit cards, wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay as well as 135+ currencies.
  • Do you offer special pricing for educational, non-profit or governmental organizations?

    For inquiries regarding education, non-profit or government organizations, please contact our sales team.
  • Can I get VCam for my whole team?

    Yes, of course. We not only have an easy to use Team Manager system for managing and distributing licenses to your team but we also offer great discounts for buying multiple licenses. Contact our sales team for more information.
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