Adding stream alerts and overlays using the URL Widget

XSplit Gamecaster's URL widget allows you to include web-based streaming features such as follower and subscriber alerts, chatboxes and overlays.

  1. Open the XSplit Gamecaster in-game overlay by pressing Ctrl + Tab then click the Add URL Widget button under the widget menu.
    If the URL widget is already present on your overlay, you can skip to the next step.

  2. Click on the URL widget then enter the URL from provided by your service.
    The example used here is an overlay from

  3. Source options allow you to Enable sound for audio alerts as well as use a Custom Resolution.
    For overlays for example, the overlay's resolution has to be entered for it to scale properly with your game screen.

  4. Visibility options allow you to control whether your widget appears in-game, your stream/recording or both.

  5. Click and drag to position the widget placement. Resize by dragging the sides and corners of the widget.

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