Linked Sources

Linked sources are sources which are globally synced across one or more scenes. Useful, for example, when you want continuously scrolling text or a fixed lower-third graphics on different scenes.

A linked Text source's scrolling remains consistent between scene changes while an unlinked Text source reloads everytime.

A linked source can be created by copying and pasting a source into a scene either through the Source list as shown below or through the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

The keyboard shortcut to paste as a linked source is Ctrl + Alt + V.

A prompt will be shown when pasting a source using Ctrl + V.

Linked sources will always share the same name and have a fixed resolution. The properties for the Color, Layout and Effects tab can be set individually for linked sources. You can choose to apply the same properties in the Color tab, by enabling Apply to all linked sources.

Clicking Linked sources at the bottom right of the source properties will show a list of linked sources of the source.

A linked source can be unlinked from the other linked sources by clicking the Unlink button in the source properties.

Device sources such as webcams and capture cards are Linked Sources by default, but will only have the “Linked sources” list in the source properties if there are other copies of the device in the presentation.

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