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XSplit VCam is Using too much GPU

Learn how you can change XSplit VCam's Hardware acceleration settings when experiencing high GPU usage.

XSplit VCam uses your GPU resources by default. If you wish to use your CPU's processing power instead, click the menu icon at the upper left corner of the app. then select Settings. This will open the XSplit VCam Settings menu to the right.

Clicking Settings in XSplit VCam to reveal the Output Settings Menu to the right

Changing the Hardware Acceleration from GPU to CPU

XSplit VCam's Hardware acceleration is normally set to Automatic. Disabling this will allow you to set your Primary Hardware Acceleration to utilize your CPU instead.

Changing the Hardware acceleration from GPU to CPU - full process

You can also set your Secondary Hardware Acceleration to None.

Quality Settings

If you instead want to keep using your GPU for XSplit VCam's Hardware Acceleration, but would like to reduce the GPU usage still, then changing the Quality to Standard (the lowest setting) might help.

Adjusting XSplit VCam's Quality Settings to Standard

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