Using Revo Uninstaller

In cases where an uninstall/reinstall must be performed for troubleshooting, the Support Team may request an uninstall using Revo Uninstaller.

DO NOT use Revo Uninstaller unless as advised by the Support Team. Doing so can delete files that may be vital for troubleshooting your issue.

Click here to download Revo Uninstaller.
We recommend downloading the Free Portable version.

Using Revo Uninstaller

  1. On Revo Uninstaller, double-click the XSplit product you wish to uninstall.
    Alternatively, you can also right-click and select Uninstall.

  2. After the initial analysis dialog finishes, you will be prompted to continue uninstalling. Click Yes.

  3. After uninstalling, select Advanced under Scanning modes then click Scan.

  4. On the Leftovers Registry dialog, click on Select All then Delete.

  5. On the Leftovers Files and Folders dialog, click on Select All then Delete. Once it's done, click Finish.

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