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Using Skype NDI with XSplit Presenter

Learn how you can use the power of NDI streaming to add Skype as a source in XSplit Presenter.

XSplit Presenter accepts NDI streams as a slide or as an overlay element. Microsoft Skype version 8.25 and above allows NDI streams to be outputted to your network, making adding your Skype participants in your presentations quick and simple.

You need to download the latest version of Skype for Content Creators here

Enabling NDI output in Skype

  1. On Skype, click the … icon and then select Settings.

Skype showing the settings menu being highlighted

  1. Go to Calling and select Advanced.

Skype settings menu showing the option to select Calling > Advanced

  1. Enable the Allow NDI usage option.

Skype Settings showing Allow NDI usage is enabled

Adding Skype NDI streams in XSplit Presenter

  1. Start a video call in Skype (The Skype NDI stream will be available only when there's an ongoing call)

  2. Run XSplit Presenter

To add Skype NDI as a new slide:
Go to Add Slide > NDI > The NDI Source of your choice.

XPT Adding an active NDI source as a new slide

To add Skype NDI as an overlay element within a slide:
Go to + Overlay Element > NDI > The NDI Source of your choice

XPT Adding an active NDI source as am overlay element

Types of NDI Sources

By default, the following types of NDI sources in your skype NDI streams list should be available:

Skype - Local
This shows your own camera view

Skype - Active Speaker
This automatically switches the camera view to the participant who's speaking at the moment

Skype - <participant's Skype ID>
This shows your participant's camera. The number of this type of NDI source depends on the number of participants in the call.

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