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Got a license key code and need to know where to redeem it? On this article we’ll show you how to redeem a license from the XSplit website.

  1. On the XSplit homepage, click on the Upgrade button at the top-right. You will be redirected to the buy page.
    You can also click here to go to the License Key Redeem page directly.
    You will need to be already logged in with an XSplit account to proceed with the redemption steps.
    Otherwise, you will be prompted to login or create a new account upon verifying the code.

  2. Scroll down and click  Redeem License Key.

  3. Enter the License Key code and click Verify.

  4. Information about your License Key’s validity and duration will be displayed.
    Click Redeem Now.

  5. A confirmation message will be shown after successfully redeeming the License Key.

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