• Refund Policy

    By purchasing your XSplit license, you have accepted the License Agreement. Our policy has specific rules for requesting a refund, or cancelling your existing subscription.

  • Licensing FAQ

    Many XSplit users have clarifications about our License Agreement. Here is a compliation of what is asked most often, for your ease of reference.

  • License Code Redemption

    There are different ways to receive an XSplit license, aside from purchasing it from the website. Most of these will involve an XSplit license key code, which can be redeemed directly from the website.

  • Deleting your XSplit Account

    If you do not see yourself using XSplit in the foreseeable future, we provide the option to permanently delete your account. Choose this only if you are absolutely sure.

  • Cancelling Automatic Payment Renewal

    Many of our XSplit license plans have an automatically renewing subscription. Your XSplit account allows you to cancel this automatic payment.

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