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Gamecaster V4 Themes

Gamecaster V4 themes are a combination of overlay images, alerts, and transitions to personalize the look and feel of your stream. Choose from our wide selection of theme that match your preference and the games you play.
Each theme offers three pre-built scenes:


Use this to show your viewers that the is about to start soon.


This scene is where most the action happens. The webcam and stream labels are placed on top of your game screen for the complete gaming stream viewing experience.


The intermission scene displays basic information about your stream to inform your viewers of what’s to come, or if you simply need to take breaks in-between rounds.

The Theme Browser Window

There are two ways you can access the Theme Browser in Gamecaster V4:

  1. In the Studio, go to Add Scene and select Choose A Theme from the Add Scene Popup screen.
  1. From the Gamecaster V4 default app window, go to the Themes tab.

Alternatively, use the search box when looking for a specific themed by name.

Using the Themes search tools

The left pane contains filter options to easily search your style theme preference.

  • Format – Choose between Animated or Static themes.
  • Genres – Search a theme based on game genre.
  • Colors – Search a theme based on color.

Adding a Theme to your scenes

Choose a theme and click Add to Studio.

The three checkboxes at the lower-right corner of the Theme popup window corresponds to the types of scenes available for you to use. Check or uncheck the scene that you like include in the theme you are about to add.