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Getting Started

Get started on streaming with XSplit Gamecaster 4.0 within a few minutes with this guide!

Logging In

Log in with your preferred live streaming service like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, or Mixer account. Gamecaster will automatically set everything up so you can get to streaming immediately.

Using the preferred login platform will automatically link to your XSplit account and your connection to its live streaming service, and if you didn't have one already, it will automatically create one for you. If you've previously linked your accounts with XSplit, you can also login using your XSplit account.

Creating Sets and Adding Scenes

You are greeted with a blank template on the Studio section of the app. The Studio section is mainly your control room for creating Sets and Scenes, to preview your scene, your dashboard, and to stream and record.

Click on the Add Set button on the Set panel to add a new set.

A Set is a collection of scenes which will be your presentation. Adding more than one set allows you to switch over another theme that perfectly fits your preferred game streaming presentation.

Click on Add Scene on the scene panel to choose a theme, then click on Add to Studio to add your selected theme.

Choosing a theme adds pre-made scenes consist of Start, Main, and Intermission.
The Start scene displays a scene before your game streaming begins, while the Main scene will display your game prominently, and the Intermission scene is when you need to take a break in between your stream.

You can edit the scenes by hovering your mouse over a scene and clicking the Edit icon or by clicking on Edit Scene on the scene preview window.

To switch scenes, click on a scene in the Studio scene panel. Whatever scene is selected will project to your streaming or recording. You can also switch scenes via the in-game HUD which you’ll know more later on.

Setting Up Devices (Webcam, Microphone, etc.)

Set up your microphone, speakers, and webcam devices to add more depth to your game streaming and recording.

On the bottom-left corner of the Gamecaster Studio panel, click on the Camera icon and select your connected webcam USB device.

Next to it is the main source, click on the Main Source icon whether to capture your game on your PC or console using a capture card device.

The System Sound lets you select which audio device Gamecaster will capture.
Then, click on Microphone and select which your microphone device you’ll be using to record your voice.

Another way to access these settings is by clicking on at the bottom-right corner of the Gamecaster Studio. On the Settings menu, click on the Devices tab. You’ll find more options such as boosting your audio devices and setting your camera device output.

In-Game HUD

Access the in-game HUD by pressing CTRL + Tab. You will immediately see three panels which are Stream Chat, Stream Event, and Stream Info.

You can view your scene tabs on the lower-left corner of your screen. You can switch over from scene to scene by clicking on an existing tab.

You can also assign hotkeys for switching scenes without needing to open the HUD.

Of course, we have the icons seen on top of your scenes which are the Stream and Record buttons to start and end streaming and recording.

Next to that, there are the same System Sound and Microphone which will allow you to toggle the volume levels. And for the last icon, you have a Camera that will allow you to select connected camera devices to add to your Overlay.

Adding and pinning your Widgets directly on to your game through In-Game HUD by selecting Pinned Widgets > Add Widgets and enable the widgets you’d like to use.

The pinned Widgets can be placed anywhere you like by clicking and dragging. There is also a small gear icon located next to the remove button of the widget that will allow you to adjust the opacity and the option to add a Fade delay to the widget as well.


If you have already logged in using your social account from the start, you are immediately connected to its live streaming service. If not, click the icon next to the Stream Button on the Gamecaster Studio to select and change between the streaming platforms you’d like to broadcast.

To start a stream, hit the Stream button in order to input your stream details such as the title and description of your stream. Once done, click Go Live.

This can also be done through the In-Game HUD by clicking Stream icon on the lower-left corner. Click on the same icon to stop your stream.


To start recording, hit the Record button on the Gamecaster Studio. Clicking the same button will stop your recording. All recordings are saved and can be located in its default directory on the recording settings.

To access the recording settings, open the settings and go to the Recording tab, then click on the location path next to Directory. This will open the folder where your recording is stored.

And you’re all set and ready to go live! You can also head on to our User Manual to learn more about XSplit Gamecaster 4.0.