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Required External Protocols/Ports/Endpoints

XSplit VCam requires HTTPS port 443 to communicate with the following services.

HTTPS port 443 is required for XSplit VCam to communicate with the following services:

XSplit Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

Required FQDN

  • xvc.apps.xsplit.com (Required for loading of the application UI)
  • api.xsplit.com or www xsplit.com (required for license check and for administration of team backgrounds etc)

Optional FQDN

Optional External FQDN

  • youtube.com (only required if user should be able to add a youtubes video as camera background)
  • api.unsplash.com or unsplash.com (only required if users should be able to search and add background from unsplash)
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