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XSplit Capture frequently asked questions

How can I share my feedback and ideas?

What is XSplit Capture?

Capture helps you get the message across, by making it simple to annotate and share screenshots and screen recordings as hyperlinks.

The XSplit product teams have used an internal version of Capture for 10 years, to communicate product ideas and feedback using simple video links - we felt the time was right to share the app with our users.

Can I try XSplit Capture today?

Yes. The beta program is now open. You can download the latest Capture beta from www.xsplit.com/capture

Does Capture work for both MacOS and Windows? How about Linux?

Capture absolutely works for both MacOS and Windows. We are considering releasing a version for Linux too, so if you like that idea then upvote here.

What are the know bugs and limitations?

Have a look at the current release notes. It does not list every known bug, but you will find a list of all known major issues.

Can I use XSplit Capture for free?

Yes. During the beta period you can use all functions of Capture for free, and even after the product is released, you will continue to have access to all the media you created with Capture. When the product graduates out of beta, we will most likely create a free product and an enhanced paid product version which will become part of the existing XSplit Premium Bundle Subscription.

How can I share my feedback and ideas?

If you are an existing Capture beta user and want to share your feedback, then click the bubble in the lower right corner to let us know how its going?

If you have a good idea for a new feature or function you can share this with us here.

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