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Display and interact with your webpages directly on XSplit Broadcaster!

The Webpage source allows you to add the URL of your favorite webpages to a scene. What's special about this source is that you can interact directly with the webpage's links, as if you're accessing them directly from a browser.

Go to Add Source > Webpage

Add Source menu - Webpage source is highlighted

Enter the URL of the webpage you want to use a source on the prompt that appears then click OK. You can also click Browse to load a locally saved webpage.

Adding the Xsplit web address in the Add Webpage URL window

Webpage Source Properties Window

Webpage source properties window overview


Various display options can be modified to match your preference. Screen area, transparency, web scrollbars can be removed/added here. It's also possible to enable 60FPS (which will require more CPU/GPU resources)

Custom Code

You can override the webpage source’s default CSS and use custom Javascript.

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