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Streaming with Mixer

Easily engage your viewers with one of the fastest growing platforms online, Mixer! XSplit Broadcaster makes it easy for you to get started. Here’s how!

When launching XSplit Broadcaster for the first time, in the Login window click the Mixer logo. Then enter your Mixer login for authentication.

Then you will be prompted to connect your Mixer to an existing XSplit account. Enter your XSplit account credentials then click Continue. If that existing XSplit account is previously connected to another Mixer account, then it will ask you to link to your new one instead.

Now, you’ll be brought to your XSplit presentation. Here, you can add sources. Sources can be anything that you want to present in your stream or recording – from your game, overlays, or widgets such as stream chats. You can learn more about adding Sources by clicking here.

Then on XSplit, click on the Broadcast menu, then go to Set up a new output and select Mixer.

And you’re all set and ready! Let’s go ahead and start your stream. Click on Broadcast again and select your created Mixer broadcast output. A red status bar should appear at the top of the XSplit Broadcaster application window showing that you’re live.