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Setting up and Managing Recordings

XSplit Broadcaster helps make content creation a lot easier with different options and features that it provides. Here’s how to set up and manage your Local Recordings.

Setting Up Local Recording

To set up your recording go to Record > Local Recording and select the Gear Icon or by right clicking the Local Recording option. It will open your Local Recording Menu.

Video and Audio Encoding

  • Select a Codec for Video Encoding. The recommended codec are Hardware Codecs such as NVENC and x264.
  • Quality level will determine the file size and the CPU or GPU usage needed for that type of recording.
  • Audio Bitrate will determine the clarity of your Recording Audio.

Multiple Audio Tracks

XSplit Broadcaster is able to record separate audio tracks for Microphone Audio and System Sound.

Starting a Local Recording

You can start recording by selecting Local recording under the Record menu. To Pause or Stop your Recording, just select the option undet the Record menu again.

Setting up Screenshots

To set up screenshots, go to Tools > Settings. On the General tab you can set up the file format for Screenshot Capture. Then select the Hotkeys tab to set a screenshot hotkey.

Locating your Local Recordings and Screenshots

You can find your Local Recording by going to File > My Recordings or My Screenshots. Here you can Rename your files and change the file location where future files will be saved.

Uploading recordings to Youtube

If you select a recording you can connect a Youtube Account to upload your recordings. Once you have authorized a Youtube Account, it will prompt a window to set details for your Youtube Video.