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Adding Text

There are a variety of options to customize your text in XSplit Broadcaster. There is also support for scripts that allows for near limitless possibilities.

You can add text by going to Add source > Text…:

This will open the source menu where you can adjust a variety of items:

Here, you can:

  1. enter the text you want to appear
  2. choose the font and font color.
  3. add an outline to the text.
  4. adjust the opacity of the text.
  5. style the text and adjust the alignment.
  6. enable scrolling or fading on the text.
  7. use Custom Scripts. These scripts are based on Javascript and can greatly increase or automate the text source functionality. There are also some custom script templates included to give you an idea of the functionality that is possible. These templates include a clock, loading text from remote or local files, and an RSS feed reader.