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Adding a Game

Whether you’re using a PC, an XBox, or a PS4, adding your gameplay footage is simple with XSplit Broadcaster!

  1. Console Games: To capture console gameplay with XSplit Broadcaster, you need to use a capture card. Capture cards are devices that grab the video feed of you console’s output (HDMI, Component, Composite, S-Video). These cards can be connected to your PC via USB 2.0/3.0, Thunderbolt, ExpressCard slot, PCIe slots, and Firewire. Once your capture card is connected, you can add it to XSplit by going to Add Source > Devices (Webcam, capture cards...) > Video, and selecting your capture card:

  2. Regarding USB 2.0 Devices: Please note that when using USB 2.0 capture devices such as the Elgato Game Capture HD, there is a delay between the live video/audio feed and the video/audio feed that will appear in XSplit. To compensate for this, you need to set a delay on the Webcam and Microphone. (See “Adding a Webcam > Adding a delay”)

  3. PC Games: To add a PC game, launch your game then go Add Source > Game Capture. If you’ve launched your game, you’ll see it listed and an option for “Auto Detect.” Choosing “Auto Detect” will allow our Game Source feature to hook into any compatible game you are currently playing. This is especially useful if you switch games during a broadcast as it eliminates the need to constantly have to add games to a scene: