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XSplit Premium бесплатен для некоммерческих организаций

Квалифицированные некоммерческие организации и образовательные учреждения имеют право на бесплатную 12-месячную премиум-лицензию XSplit. Просто заполните эту форму, и мы свяжемся с вами.

Non-Profit Organizations


Страны по всему миру участвуют в некоммерческой программе XSplit


Участвующие некоммерческие организации и учебные заведения


Выдается в премиум-лицензиях XSplit

Разблокируйте премиум-функции для вашей организации

Разблокируйте премиум-функции для вашей организации

  • Благодаря некоммерческой инициативе XSplit вы получите полный доступ к полному набору приложений XSplit, включая мощные функции XSplit Broadcaster, XSplit VCam, а также наши будущие приложения.
Помощь некоммерческим организациям с помощью видеосвязи

Помощь некоммерческим организациям с помощью видеосвязи

  • С момента запуска некоммерческой организации XSplit в 2020 году уже более 400 некоммерческих организаций и учебных заведений почти на всех континентах и в более чем 50 странах участвуют в программе.

Некоммерческие организации, использующие XSplit Premium

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Who are Qualified

  • Registered Non-Profit Organization
  • Social organizations whose mission is entirely for public and community benefit
  • Public/Charter schools globally

Who are NOT Qualified

  • Learning/Tutorial centers, State Universities/Colleges, Review Centers
  • Commerce and trade associations without charitable aims
  • Government, Political, labor and Esports organization
  • Individuals (content creators, religious speakers, self-help/motivational speakers etc)


Organizations must present a copy of their non-profit registration
i.e NPO/NGO Government Registration, Tax Exempt Registration, 501c, IRS Tax Exemption Certificate, Certificate of Social Charitable Registration

Terms and Conditions

In addition to the XSplit License Agreement, the organization, as a condition for the free XSplit License, must agree to answer questions from XSplit in relation to the non-profit program and participate in any case study that is reasonably requested. These questions will include but not be limited to the nature of the organization, the use of XSplit products, and how it helped them achieve their goals. Organizations will also grant approval for XSplit to make use of the case study and or answers to questions with worldwide, perpetual, and royalty-free permission to publish the information for marketing purposes.


How does my organization become part of the XSplit Non-Profit Program?

  • Simply fill out this form and complete the required information. A representative will verify all applications and get back to you with their decision.

Can our team get access to XSplit’s premium apps as well?

  • Yes, we can provide your team with their own licenses under XSplit for Teams. Organizations must have their own domain account and team members must be registered under the same domain to be able to get access to the premium features of XSplit apps. (Email accounts must not be under Gmail, Yahoo, Naver, Outlook, Hotmail, etc, please use your company email address.)

Is the XSplit for Non-Profit free of charge?

  • Yes, qualified non-profit organizations are given a one-year FREE license key that will give them access to the premium features of all XSplit applications like XSplit Broadcaster, XSplit VCam, XSplit Presenter, and XSplit Capture.

Will we still have access to XSplit Apps after the free 1 year?

  • All qualified non-profit organizations who have been granted free access for one year will be provided a 50% discount for their succeeding subscription should they wish to continue access.

How can we get access to XSplit Applications?

  • Once the qualified non-profit organizations receive their XSplit Premium License they will set up an account at http://xsplit.com, redeem their code, and then they can download our entire suite of applications from our site.

Поддержка в режиме 24/7 и регулярные обновления

Само собой разумеется, что первоклассное программное обеспечение заслуживает первоклассной поддержки! Мы поможем вам на каждом этапе вашей деятельности.