Общие Настройки

This is where you can find basic settings to enable game source capture, thumbnail previews between scenes and selecting the format for your screenshots.

Отключить Aero
Disables the Windows 7 Aero theme. (Only for Windows 7)
Включить источник игры
Enable/disable capturing a DirectX/OpenGL game or media player source.
Скопировать ссылку в буфер обмена при запуске трансляции
Enable/disable automatic copying of a link to your broadcast output to the clipboard.
Оптимизировать переход между сценами
Enable/disable smoother transitions between scenes. Requires some graphics resources.
Скрыть число зрителей в статусе стрима
Enable/disable the display of the viewer count on the status bar during streaming to certain streaming services.
Просмотр эскизов
Provides options for showing a preview window when you hover on scene button. Requires some graphics resources.
Снимок экрана
Choose between JPEG or BMP image formats for your screenshots.
Журналировать системную информацию
Store system information that will be useful for XSplit Technical Support.