Экономия 55% на бессрочной премиум-лицензии XSplit

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To access XSplit Broadcaster Settings, go to Tools > Settings.

General Settings

This is where you can find basic settings to enable game source capture, thumbnail previews between scenes and selecting the format for your screenshots.

Audio Settings

This is where you can set which devices XSplit Broadcaster capture audio, set audio capture delay and volume control range as well as enable features such as audio preview and microphone silence detection.

Hotkeys Settings

This is where you can set keyboard shortcuts to various XSplit Broadcaster actions and their behavior.

Sharing Settings

This is where you can authorize your Youtube account to upload your recordings and allow sharing of your livestreams and uploaded Youtube videos to Facebook, Twitter and Player.me.

Advanced Settings

This is where you can change and enable advanced settings such as the video processing mode and even beta or experimental features. Make sure to proceed with caution and consult the hints provided when making changes to these.