What is XSplit PTR?

XSplit PTR stands for Public Test Release, a way for users to try out upcoming features, improvements and bug fixes ahead of launch. This allows you to check out the new things we are working on and share feedback to help us improve each future release.

Where can I find the latest XSplit PTR?

You can download the latest version of XSplit PTR from here.

Where can I find the release notes for XSplit PTR?

You can check out the release notes for the latest XSplit PTR here.

Does XSplit Broadcaster PTR replace my current version of XSplit Broadcaster?

No, XSplit Broadcaster PTR is a separate application from the public version of XSplit Broadcaster.

Is XSplit Broadcaster PTR stable?

As with all things in active development, there are always unexpected bugs and kinks to work out. We recommend using the current public release for any important streams or recordings.

How do I submit feedback or report bugs?

Please join our discord server here and jump in the #ptr-feedback channel to report bugs or submit feedback. When submitting bugs be sure the step to reproduce the bug along with collecting debugview logs and crash dumps if applicable.

Where can I find old XSplit PTR releases?

Since we depend on feedback from XSplit PTR releases in order to prep for full public releases, we only allow for the latest version of XSplit PTR to be installed. If you have an older version of XSplit PTR installed, it will be forced updated to the latest.

Is there a 32 bit version of XSplit PTR?

No, XSplit PTR currently only offers a 64 bit version.

Is there a PTR for XSplit Gamecaster?

We don’t currently have plans for an XSplit Gamecaster PTR track.

What versions of Windows does XSplit PTR Support?

XSplit PTR supports Windows 7, 8 and 10, but we recommend using Windows 10 with the latest updates.

Why should I use XSplit PTR, what do I get out of it? XSplit PTR is a great way to see what direction we plan to take things with XSplit, as well as also giving you the chance to share your thoughts on upcoming new features and improvements. The beauty of these releases is, we can take your feedback and actually work to implement it into future releases, on top of that, from time-to-time we will be rewarding active members of the community if that's your sort of thing.