In case of audio issues in version 1.1.1208

With XSplit 1.1.1208 we have implemented a new and better native Windows 7 audio API. If your hardware and drivers fully supports Windows 7, the new API will cure a number of issues like the helicopter bug (aka stutter bug) as well as issues regarding choppyness. These issues were sporadic and highly dependent on device settings and was therefore quite hard to track down.

If you experience audio issues in v. 1.1.1208, please read this.

Please note that if your equipment is not fully compatible with Windows 7 and are having any audio related issue, we recommend to switch back to the legacy audio by following these steps.

Go to "Tools" - "General Settings" then select the "General" tab and check "Use WinXP Sound".

If you are using Windows XP this mode will automatically be enabled.

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