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XSplit Broadcaster did not shut down properly

If XSplit Broadcaster was shut down improperly or unexpectedly, you can use the Select Presentation window for some basic troubleshooting. If the shut down occurred after adding a...

XSplit Broadcaster Memory Usage

XSplit Broadcaster is currently only available as a 32 bit application, but on both 32 and 64 bit Windows 7+ operating systems. We do have a 64 bit version in the pipeline, but bef...

Improved Stream Delay in XSplit Broadcaster 2.0

If you are setting up an ambush in Counter-Strike or just drew a potentially game changing card in Hearthstone, then you don’t want your opponent to know what is coming next.


New Audio Features in XSplit Broadcaster 2.0

Note: If you're looking for information on how to add an audio device (such as a microphone) as a scene source, then you can check out this tutorial instead.

One of the most c...

XSplit Password Reset Alert

For the security of all our users we're issuing a system wide password reset request, due to reports of suspicious activity.

We believe that various data on XSplit’s servers may...